I just wanted to say Thank You again for helping me and my family when we blew two tires out on 295 on our way out of ME. It was the first time I was disabled in a Class A on the side of a busy highway. My roadside service had a kid in a call center in Alabama calling around for over an hour trying to find someone to help me. Finally I took matters in to my own hands and found Lee’s Tire Service 1 exit up from where I was broken down. I was able to purchase 2 tires over the phone and they sent a mechanic out to my location to jack up my rig and replace 2 very large blown tires right there on the side of the road. The entire process took just over an hour and the guy who changed our tires was a pro. Even more amazing was the fair labor rate and reasonable cost for the tires. Thank you very much for the assistance!

-Bryan - 2013

HONEST AND FAIR. After getting a brake repair estimate for $587 from Meineke in Topsham, took my car here and they did the work for $191. Need I say more?

-C. Young, 2012

What a great bunch of people at this place! Wayne and the guys really made me feel like they care about my truck and fixed my brakes and shocks so it drives like new again. I think it is a family business and it shows. This place is the best!

-Google User, 2012

These folks are tops. We are summer residents and have two older, older cars. Lee's tire has helped us keep reliable machines on the road long after they might have been pushed to the salvage yard. I just wish that they would include on their website their hours of service. I know that if you have need of a good garage - you cannot do better. Dick Bey Brunswick resident in summer

-Google User 2010

It's a family business and I couldnt ask for a better place. The owner Wayne is a sweet heart and goes out of his way to help customers, as for all the guys who work there, great job. I know I can always count on you guys to make my vehicle run right.

-Google User 2011